If you're in business and communicate in print, on the Web, or through presentations
If you're in sales, production, or marketing and you or your customers communicate in print or the Web
Or if you just want to know the secretes of enhancing or manipulating your photos like a pro
This is the book for you
 Computer Color Graphics will show you the concepts and the programs used to create color brochures, Web sites, and color images.
And guess what? The pros create this stuff on a computer that is inexpensive and readily available-just like the one you probably already have.
All the mystery is removed by breaking down the basics-dots and pixels, vector and raster graphics, CMYK and RGB, Web technology, and much more-into non-technical, easy-to-follow language. It is all interesting and fun.
You'll comprehend the workings of the tools the pros use. Imagine, understanding programs like QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and many others. And you'll get an intimate feel for the most exciting program of them all-Adobe Photoshop. Although this is not a detailed course on actually learning to use a specific program, by learning the concepts, you're well on your way. Or, if you chose to stick with the simpler programs you'll get so much more out of them with this priceless knowledge.
Computer Color Graphics, will open a new world for you as you'll learn the technology behind:
  • Producing professional-looking brochures, ads, and all color printed materials
  • Creating more powerful and exciting color presentations
  • Enhancing photographs or manipulating color images
  • Developing materials for the Web 
Even if you're not going to do this stuff yourself Computer Color Graphics is essential if you want to: 
  • Work more effectively with professional designers
  • Sell, buy, or be involved in any way with commercial printing,
    websites, or any graphic product
  • Develop marketing materials for your business
  • Give dynamic presentations
  • Enhance your photos 

You can become a part of today's world of color communications.
The power is already at your fingertips-this book will show you how to use it.

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