If you want to sell printing, buy it, produce or market it, I have a program or seminar that can fill your needs.
A cluttered presentation with irrelevant canned animations is a time wasting distraction. By understanding today’s technology, you can make your presentations more dynamic, more to the point, and more professional by learning how to create better graphics and relevant animations that illustrate what you’re talking about. Taught in a simple, comprehendible style, you’ll learn that it’s fun and easy to create powerful presentations that more effectively get your point across.
Graphic and Digital Imaging
Understand digital imaging for Print, the Web, Multi-Media, Presentations, Photography.
Graphic Software
Learn the concepts and then you can easily learn today’s powerful graphic software- Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, InDesign, Publisher, LiveMotion, Flash, and many others. My programs and seminars can open this world for you or your group, the right way, the easy way, the fun and learnable way
If you understand how animation works, you’ll easily master programs like LiveMotion and Flash. First you’ll be exposed to the concepts behind all graphic software, and then you’ll have an easy, fun journey into the amazing world of animation.

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