Enhancing your Customer Appeal by Understanding Wine

If you mingle with customers in social situations knowledge of wine can enhance your presence and make you the interesting individual customers want to be with. Knowing wine can stimulate conversation and make your social outings with customers far more fun and rewarding. In effect, it’s a very effective way to separate you from your competition.

This simple course gives you the basic concepts of what so many think is a vast, confusing, and mystical topic. Once you understand the concepts, the mystery is gone and the excitement begins.

Course Description 

Geography and Grape Variety
A look at how geography is defined by simply using an example of someone's address.
Relating geography to main wine growing areas in the world

Grape Variety
An explanation of the main grape varieties
Two other main factors
The effect of the weather for a particular year

The expertise of the Wine maker

Tying it all together on a wine label

Drinking Wine
What to look for-tasting characteristics.
What to order with what food?
Wine serving temperatures
Wine myths and traditions such as cork sniffing
The right glass
Selecting Wine
Picking the right bottle
Price Vs. Quality
With every wine list unique-how do you know?
Where to get more info.

A Tasting
Tasting of a select group of wines with a description of characteristics

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